My Favorite Holiday


My Favorite Holiday

    Without a doubt, there are 3 months of the year that are my absolute favorite. From November 14th to January 7th, I celebrate CHRISTMAS! I know you might be thinking I'm insane, but you have no idea. I'm crazy for Christmas. 

    It begins in November with hanging the outdoor lights, decorating the Christmas tree, shopping for decorations, and putting up the stockings. For the rest of the month, we put out other things, such as the Christmas village- a 12 house display of joy. Here is the link for the village: Hawthorne Village

    We also have large garlands, small trees, Christmas pillows, bedsheets, and figurines. In December we begin Christmas shopping for gifts, hoping for snow, and driving around with my cousin to look at Christmas light displays.

    I love Christmas because it's a nice time of the year and I get to spend a lot of time with my family. My favorite Christmas memory is from last year when I went with my aunt and uncle to get their tree and it was a massive blue spruce that was 10 feet tall and we had to get it through the door. My uncle got absolutely drenched in sap. He went to get his car keys and they stuck to his hand! It was hilarious. That was the most sap I've ever seen.


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