School in 2020


This year I decided with my parents to become a "remote learner". Being a remote learner means that I go on google meet, zoom calls, and work on my computer to learn. There are pros and cons to being a remote learner. Let's start with the pros:

1. I am at home all day. I like my home. 

2. I get to sleep in until whenever I want.

3. I get to have a tutor. She is my favorite human being/neighbor. It's better than being in a big classroom. It's like I got to choose my teacher which is nice. We also get all of my work done in 2 hours so I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.

4. I get to eat homemade food instead of school lunches. Right now I'm eating turkey fettuccini from last night. So good.

5. I get to ride my bike and play outside and mess around with my chickens instead of PE. I don't miss the pacer.

Now that I think about it, there are no cons to remote learning. I like it a lot.

The school I used to go to in-person was rustic and ancient. It seems like it was built in 1915 because there are pictures in the hall of classes from 1917-1918. I really didn't like anything about my old school. I think whenever COVID 19 stops controlling our lives I will end up going back to school because I'm a kid and my parents don't let me have a say in anything. 

This is my "school".


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