The hungry child of a snail- Emoji Story


One rainy day in Philadelphia there was a strange occurrence when a mother snail gave birth to a human child. His name was Slog. Slog is shaped like a human but has a snail shell and is only an inch tall. He is mopey and sad and has a depressing, slow life. He inherited the slow trait from his snail mom. 

One day they wandered into a lawn and smelled the delicious aroma of spaghetti. Slog abandoned his mother because he was starving and sick of things snails eat like leaves. She tried to stop him but she was too slimy. After about twenty minutes of getting to the patio, he climbs up the central island of the kitchen, right behind the human mother who is cooking the spaghetti. The mother turns around and walks away and Slog snails down the island, onto the kitchen floor, and then up the counter and stops next to the burners. He says "finally some excitement! this will be the greatest achievement of my little snail human hybrid lifetime!"

He climbs up the boiling pan and burns his slimy underside! He is in a lot of pain but pushes on because the thrill of the deliciousness enchants him. He gets to the rim, slips, and falls into the pan of boiling tomato sauce! He wallows in pain, gurgles the red hot sauce, and drowns in the burning sea. Don't be sad for him, he wanted to go this way.

The human mom gets the cast iron pan of burning sauce and pours it over the noodles. Little do they know, they ate burnt to the crisp snail.


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