I'm passionate about Nerf Guns

My Nerf Gun Collection

I got my first Nerf Gun when I was about 5 years old. It was the Nerf Firestrike Elite. 

It shot one dart at a time and I had to reload it each time. It has a laser on the front and I got two so that I could dual wield. Since then I have increased my collection by at least 25 Nerf Guns.

I like all of my Nerf Guns but my absolute favorites are the Nerf Rapid Strike and the Modulus. 

The Nerf Rapid Strike is a full automatic elite dart blaster. I got it for Christmas this year and it is so cool because can shoot two darts per second. 

The Modulus is a semi-automatic, large blaster that allows you to put all different attachments on it. So you basically customize it. The Modulus is a bit bigger than the Rapid Strike.

Every once in a while I have small Nerf wars with friends and family. They can last up to 3-5 hours and most of the time they are on my property because there's lots of room and places to hide.


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